Bilateral Call for Collaborative Research Proposals in Climate smart technologies in Cote d’Ivoire and Mozambique



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The Fundo Nacional de Investigação (FNI) of the Republic of Mozambique and the FONSTI from the Republic of Cote d´ Yvore are science granting councils participating in the Science Granting Councils Initiative (SGCI) for Sub Saharan Africa. 

The SGCI seeks to strengthen the capacities of the participating SGCs in supporting research and evidence-based policies that will contribute to socio-economic development of the countries. The Initiative is jointly funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID), Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC), South Africa’s National Research Foundation (NRF), the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency (SIDA), the German Research Foundation (DFG), the UK´s Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad).

In contributing to their national research systems, the SGCs (in the two countries) secured a Grant from the International Development Research Centre under the auspices of the SGCI. The said Grant which aims at supporting research projects in Climate smart technologies is based on a co-funding arrangement between the ACTS on one hand and the FNI and FONSTI on the other. 


  • Monday, 5 June
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      Changes in the climate and increases in extreme weather events are among the reasons behind a global rise in hunger and poor nutrition. Climate change is changing water availability, making it scarcer in more regions. Global warming exacerbates water shortages in already water-stressed regions and is leading to an increased risk of agricultural droughts affecting crops, and ecological droughts increasing the vulnerability of ecosystems. Sectors that are most vulnerable to climate change include Water, Biodiversity, Health, Tourism, Agriculture, Fisheries, Mining and others. Climate smart technologies was identified as Research Priority Area to develop collaboration between in Mozambique and Cote d´Ivoire. To contribute towards efforts to enhance the implementation of climate smart technologies in the two countries, FNI and FONSTI will fund collaborative research projects in this area. The objective of this Bilateral Joint Call is to generate critical knowledge that will help in strategic development and utilization of climate smart technologies to increase industry competitiveness, improve service delivery and reduce poverty.

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      The researchers in the area of technology in the two countries will collaborate to prepare joint research proposals in the priority area named below. The FNI and FONSTI will, therefore, co-fund demand-led, collaborative research projects that address issues of relevance in the following priority areas in which research project proposals are invited;
      (a) Development of climate smart technologies for agriculture production;
      (b) Management of climate smart technology systems for socio economic development.

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      The budget limit for project activities in each research proposal will be no more than 3000 000MT for the research team in Mozambique. The budget limit for project activities for the research team in Cote d´Ivoire will not exceed 25000000 FCFA. This means that a budget for one joint proposal will have two components: Budget for project activities for the research team in Mozambique and the budget for the research team in Cote d´Ivoire. Collaborative research projects will be implemented for a period not exceeding twenty-two months (22) months. Permissible budget items shall include the following:

      • Material costs, if they are directly linked to the research project, in particular material of enduring value, the cost of expendable items, field expenses, travel expenses or third party charges.
      • Direct costs incurred through the use of research infrastructure linked to the research.
      • Costs of organising conferences and workshops in connection with the funded research.
      • Costs of national and international co-operation and networking activities directly associated with the funded research.

      Note:Salaries of applicants, purchase of fixed assets and overheads are not eligible costs.

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      The application guidelines and other requirements including eligibility criteria are downloadable from any of the following website and links;

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      Submission of an application package should be in a form of electronic copy. The deadline for submission is 5th July, 2023. Application package shall include full proposal specified herein; Principal Investigator’s covering letter; letter of support from an institution of the Principal Investigator; and CVs of the Principal Investigators. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. When the full application package is duly completed save the document as lastnames of principal investigators-FONSTI-FNI Call for Proposals 2023”. The electronic copy should be in PDF.
      (a) The Joint full application package should be submitted electronically in the prescribed template to the following:
      Upload on principal investigators from Mozambique under a heading “Full Joint Proposal BIH and FNI-area (renewable energy or agroprocessing)” clearly specified.

      For Cote d´Yvore, FONSTI

      (b) All applications will be reviewed based on their quality and merit. A full proposal template is downloadable on any of the following website links:

      Note: Principal investigators from Mozambique will have to first download the application template, fill it and then upload it on the FNI online system together with other required documents as specified herein.

      (e) All documents (full research proposal, CV, detailed budget, letters of support) have to be submitted in PDF
      (f) The review, selection of proposals and communication to applicants is expected to be done by August 2023.
      (g) All proposals will be received and processed in confidentiality with acknowledgment of intellectual property rights of the applicants.
      (h) Decision of FONSTI and FNI will be final

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      ENQUIRIES 20m

      Any enquiries from researchers shall be directed as follows;

      (a) Enquiries from researchers in Côte d´Ivoire should be directed to Annette OUATTARA on and KAMBIRE Wilfried on

      (b) Enquiries from researchers from Mozambique should be directed to Dirce Madeira on or (Tel No. 258-845-633807) and Edson Faria on (Tel No. 258-844-122705).
      (c) IT support- or No. 843083831)